Short version: 35/m/London.
Has been known to write about things. 


Hello. My name is Sam Burnett, I am a writer and I live in south London. Not the good part. But I like it. I went to university in Bangor in north Wales, where I studied German. I did some politics, a masters at Coventry University (automotive journalism – it's reputable) and then I became a journalist. I have edited some things and done lots of fun stuff. Follow me on Twitter and several other things at the bottom of the page. 

By a tractor.

A selfie of me standing next to a tractor in Norway. I love a good selfie. It never seemed to get dark in Norway and it rained every day. It was kind of depressing.

Me in a Ferrari.

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Every inch the man-about-town, gadding about in a Ferrari. At Fiorano, no less. Clearly I am a success, getting photographed doing impressive things.

I was young once.

Here I am with my dear mum, aged around something much younger than I am now. Definitely less than seven. Maybe the candle on the birthday cake gives it away.